Members of AAMMH in Kenya

A Kenyan chapter of the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is under development.

Country Representatives




Coalition for Action for Preventive Mental Health Kenya. We are made up of a wide variety of community groups and non-governmental organizations who are keen to see more investment and opportunities for community-based prevention initiatives. We believe by investing in grassroots community prevention and awareness initiatives, Kenya can employ an approach that builds on Indigenous cultural resources and innovative models developed via the diverse experiences of our communities. We believe an approach developed in this manner — from the community level up — will be uniquely suited to alleviate the burden of mental health conditions and challenges.


The TEARS Foundation Kenya. TEARS International’s mission is to provide compassionate, culturally relevant programs to facilitate healing for families after the loss of a baby – pregnancy, stillbirth and infant.

The main objective is to offer continuous psychosocial support through structured support groups and healing programs.  Our pillars are compassion, support and hope. We support mothers, fathers and the living children that are known as forgotten grievers.


Tinada Youth Organtization

TINADA exists to promote integrated health, education empowerment, human rights advocacy, disaster risk-reduction and economic empowerment among the marginalized youth and families through capacity building, support services, mentorship, demonstrated good practices and strategic networking.

TINADA works on ending stigma and discrimination among persons suffering from mental health, neurological and substance use disorders and increasing their access to quality mental health care services, education opportunities, leadership involvement and respect for their human rights.

Calmind Foundation

Calmind Foundation promotes mental well-being of pregnant moms and new dads and moms. The vision for Calmind Foundation is a society free from mental health stigma and discrimination.

Calmind Foundation runs programmes, projects and campaigns that create awareness of maternal mental health, give information on where those suffering from a maternal mental illness can access services and advocate for policies, legal and institutional frameworks and research that promote maternal mental health.