Multi-Country Organisations supporting AAMMH These organisations operate in more than one country in Africa. They all support the aims of AAMMH.


The Regional Psychosocial Support Initiatives (REPSSI) is a renowned pan African organisation that has been providing holistic psychosocial care and support to girls, boys and the youth in East and Southern Africa. The organisation was founded in 2002.

Our programmes are spread across 13 countries and aim to respond to the psychosocial, mental health and social protection needs of children and families affected by: HIV and AIDS, conflict, poverty and social strife. Programmes are delivered through partnerships with regional bodies, national governments and non-governmental organisations.

ASSET NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Health System Strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa brings together surgeons, obstetricians, midwives, psychiatrists, public health dentists, palliative care and general healthcare specialists to work with social scientists, health economists, information technologists and implementation scientists. We are looking for practical ways, through health system strengthening interventions, to improve the coverage and quality of care. We are working across three care platforms – surgical care, maternal care and integrated primary healthcare for chronic diseases – in four SSA countries (Ethiopia, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe). As part of this we are piloting a health systems strengthening intervention to improve detection, referral and care for pregnant women with depression, anxiety and exposure to domestic violence in Cape Town, South Africa.