Members of AAMMH in Uganda

A Uganda chapter of the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is under development.

Country Representatives



Giving Hope Foundation

Giving Hope Foundation (GHF) strives to see healthy and vibrant grassroots in our areas of operation. Undergirding the mission and model is GHF’s theory of social change and our core principles. 

GHF’s mission is to build thriving communities where economic prosperity, environmental sustainability and emotional well-being are balanced to the long-term benefit of all.

Giving Hope Foundation’s vision is to empower under-served communities with supportive environments. The main  areas of focus include Agribusiness, Clean Energy,Mental Health, and Youth Mentorship.


UZIMA ARI UGANDA is a refugee-focused community-based organization that empowers adolescents and young people to meaningfully engage in decision making procedures. UZIMA ARI UGANDA focuses on evidence-based advocacy for better health with specific focus on integration of mental health into HIV and Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) services.

The organization partners with communities to address the most persistent and emerging challenges in mental and sexual and reproductive health, human rights, social and economic equity and environmental resilience.