Members of AAMMH in Zambia

A Zambia chapter of the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health is under development.

Country Representatives




PAMODZI NDI ANA is registered organization working in Eastern Province since 2006, in the areas of Health, Well-being, Education and Water & Sanitation at Schools and Clinics. With donors’ assistance, and in collaboration with the Ministries of General Education, Health, and Community Development, we provide tangible solutions to address the challenges children face, especially in rural areas.

PAMODZI NDI ANA’s mission is to promote better living conditions for children within their communities, through tangible solutions in support of their education, well-being and development.

Kin Zambia is a registered  non-governmental organization. Kin is largely made up of volunteers willing to devote their time and skills to a cause they believe in.

As an organization, Kin believes in the inherent dignity of all human beings and is working to create a physically and mentally healthy Zambia, where gender equality is realized, violence against women and children is non-existent and vulnerable people are empowered.

Kin uses evidence-based and locally relevant interventions in addressing health and mental health, gender equality and empowerment.

Serenity Harm Reduction Programme Zambia (SHARPZ), is a not- for profit non-governmental Community Faith Based Organization providing both mental health and professional counselling services for people who are managing problems arising from harmful use of alcohol, other drugs, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss as well as other mental health related challenges. Equally, SHARPZ provides trainings to professionals and semi-professionals who attempt to address issues these mental health related challenges