What are the aims of the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (AAMMH)?

  • To educate care providers and the wider community about the importance of the mental health of mothers, and about the recognition, prevention and treatment of maternal mental health problems.
  • To advocate for maternal mental health to be prioritised in the strategies, policies and budgets of governments and NGOs, and in the teaching and research agendas of educational institutions.
  • To act together to develop reproductive and child health services in which the mental health of the mother is centrally integrated, and to ensure that mental health services have expertise in the care of women throughout their reproductive lives.

The initial objectives of the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (AAMMH) include: 

  • To establish a website and a forum for communication and networking between members.
  • To encourage and advocate for the formation of a national maternal mental health alliance in every country in Africa.
  • To map the current extent of maternal mental health services, policies, legislation and curricula across the continent.

Who can join the African Alliance for Maternal Mental Health (AAMMH)?

AAMMH is an umbrella group of National Alliances and individual organisations:

  • Organisations working in any country in Africa in the fields of mental health, reproductive health, child health, women’s rights, social and economic development who support the aims of AAMMH. They may be User-led organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Governmental Organisations, Professional associations, Educational institutions, Commercial companies etc. Individual organisations are known as “sustaining members” of AAMMH and are encouraged to join with others to form National Alliances. 
  • National Maternal Mental Health Alliances of these organisations working together in their own countries toward the goals of AAMMH. National Alliances are “full members” of AAMMH.
  • Multi-country organisations working in Africa in the field of reproductive, child and mental health that support the goals of AAMMH. These organisations are also “sustaining members” of AAMMH. Country offices  are encouraged to join National Alliances. 
  • Individuals are very welcome to subscribe to AAMMH email list. When formed,  National Alliances  may allow individual as well as organisational members. 
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